Game Jams and Student Work

I Scry

2017 Student Project made in UE4

I Scry is an 2v2 asymmetric multiplayer game. As a troublesome duo of a child wizard and their demonic babysitter, you fight against your sibling duo to gather the pieces of the artifact you broke.


  • Network multiplayer with non-dedicated servers

  • 2v2 Splitscreen Local Multiplayer

  • 2 player characters with distinct playstyles

  • Controller Support

Rite of Steel

2016 Student Project made in UE4

Rite of Steel is a horde mode shooter meets tower defence. The player has no direct offensive options, instead having to rely on the ability to psychically push and pull their enemies, an arsenal of traps and their own cunning to defeat waves of enemy robots.


  • 5 enemy types each with their own unique AI

  • Saving and Loading, as well as persistent stats

Cat Cafe 5000

Theme: Rainbows

In this local co-op game 2-4 players battle to the end of their nine lives. Armed with paint guns, they take damage the longer they stand in an area that doesn't match their current colour.

Made at NSI Game Jam 14 in 48 hrs.


Theme: One Button

A horror game with a single button control scheme. Players move through an environment on rails, they can mash the W key to run or hold it to turn around. They must flee from the spectral horror that stalks, teleports, and hunts them.

Made in 16 hrs.


Theme: Elasticity

In this local multiplayer game 2 players compete on one keyboard. They use their elastic segmented bodies to scoop as many bugs and goodies back into their hovel as they can before time runs out.

Made in 24 hrs.

Heart Strings

Theme: Puppets

An action platformer where the player controls a physics-based marionette. Dragging their body along after the controller, and clicking to flail their arms, slashing the strings of their opponents with their trusty scissors. Defeat all the bosses and become a real boy...                    Made in 48 hrs.