Home Base


Home Base is a casual, massive multiplayer game created for Scholastic by Blowfish Studios.

Working on Home Base I was responsible for:

  • Developing a framework for, and game play of, most of the multiplayer mini games. These mini games utilised Photon Unity Networking (PUN).

  • Integrating the client with our back end services, particularly the news feed, leader boards, and the events calendar.

  • Integrating with Scholastic's back end services to deliver book information, covers as well as pdf and audio excerpts to the client.

  • Developing the Dactyl Hill Squad Runner mini game (also available stand alone).

  • Developing a generic audio system, and editor tools to make it easier to use.

  • Doing additional work on the news feed back end service.

Platform: Android, iOS, WebGL

Release: 14th February 2019

Engine: Unity

Client: Scholastic / Blowfish Studios