I Scry

I Scry is an 2v2 asymmetric multiplayer game.

As a troublesome duo of a child wizard and their demonic babysitter, you fight against your sibling duo to gather the pieces of the artifact you broke.

All in the hopes of fixing it before dad gets home, or at least pinning the blame on your sibling!

The wizard is mobile and agile and must gather the shards of the broken artifact, while evading their counterpart and relying on the protection of their demonic guardian. The wizard's demonic familiar hurls fireballs to stun and lock down the annoying child wizard and banish their counterpart.


  • Network multiplayer with non-dedicated servers

  • 2v2 Splitscreen Local Multiplayer

  • 2 player characters with distinct playstyles

  • Controller Support

The Team:

  • Annabelle Macfarlane - Artist

  • Sam Evans - Programmer

  • Joshua Kleiner - Design

Sam Evans